Why France is a Popular Travel Destination

The United Nations World Tourism Organization reported that France received 83.7 million visitors in 2014. Only the U.S surpassed the 70 million mark in the same year with 74.8 million visitors. Britain came at the eighth position receiving 32.6 million visitors. Viewed from a different perspective, this means that France received 8% of the global tourists. But, why is France such a popular travel destination? Well, here are some of the reasons why many people travel to France.


For years, Paris has been considered the most romantic travel destination world-over. This perception was reinforced by movies like the Amelie. Therefore, many people go on romantic trips to Paris more often.

Great Weather

France has a mild climate during spring and autumn. Summers are warm and lovely. This enables France to attract many sun-seekers each year.

Great Heritage Sites

Although France lags behind some travel destinations in terms of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, it has great quality heritage sites. Actually, it’s the raw appeal of the sites that counts. Sites like Mont St Michel and Loire Chateaux are irresistible to most travelers. These have attracted thousands of travelers every year.  

Fine Dining

France is the first country with a gastronomy that is recognized by UNESCO as the “intangible cultural heritage”. This has reinforced the imperious reputation of the French Cuisine. Essentially, many people know France for its amazing culinary heritage.

Fine Wine

French makes some of the best wine in the world. Many people go on trips to this country to taste fine wine while having a great time.

Sheer Diversity

This country offers three different coastlines. These are the western, Mediterranean, and channel. It also has different mountains including Jura, Pyrenees, and Alps. France diversity is also seen in its food, beer, and wine varieties as well as different climates.

These are just some of the reasons why France is a popular travel destination. But, to find out why many people travel to France every year, it may be wise to go there yourself.