Physically Challenged? Six Golden Travelling rules

Are you living with a disability? Let this not hinder you from travelling anywhere your heart desires. Whether you want to travel for leisure or for medical purposes, proper planning can make your trip enjoyable and fulfilling. Many travel agencies nowadays are keen to people with special needs. Almost all leading hotels and restaurants have facilities to aid mobility of people who are physically challenged. After all, the American with Disability Act stipulates that you have equal rights like everyone else. To make your journey enjoyable and memorable, you need these eight basic rules.

1. Make Calls Days Before you Leave

Although the law stipulates that all public facilities must be conducive to persons living with disabilities, you still need to call and confirm if what they offer is satisfying for you. The last-minute call on the day of the visit may ruin your plans after you realize that your personal needs cannot be met.

2. Always be Clear on Your Special Needs

Many people like to generalize the term “person living with a disability.” The truth is that every person is unique and has his/her own individual needs. You, therefore, need to call the traveling agent and clearly state your disability and how you would like them to handle you so that your journey will be as comfortable as possible. Remember that you have a right to enjoy your travel like any other person.

3. Visit Your Doctor Before Leaving

If your disability can be made worse by a long journey, you should visit your doctor first. Try and explain to the doctor where you are going, the duration of the journey and the mode of transport you will use. Your doctor may prescribe some medicine to make you comfortable, or he may advise you to buy extra travelling aids. If he is of the opinion that you should not travel, please do not.

4. Always Travel with Your Doctor’s Card

Anything can happen on the way. You should prepare for any eventuality especially when you are away from your family members.  A simple card with contacts of your doctor can save your life. Also, let your travelling companion know your condition and how you should be managed.

5.  Carry Extra Medication

If you are on medication for any ailment, do not carry drugs that are enough for the days you have planned to be away only. Something can happen along the way, and you find yourself stranded without medicine.

6. Use Specialist Travel Agents

If your journey is long or your condition is becoming worse, do not hire travel agents who are not specialized. You should seek the services of agents who are used to people with a state like yours.


For disability not to be an inability as far as travelling is concerned, you have to plan your trip early. Your safety and health are of optimum importance. The above tips will help you to get where you want without many problems.